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Are dating apps worth it? Sometimes online dating seems like the only game in town. But that’s totally not true!

Recently a Redditor wrote in asked to meet someone without using Tinder. “Use Heartts!!” would have been our go-to response, but the post sparked a lively discussion on dating without apps.

We collected some of our favorite comments…

One user wrote about their experience trying to meet people in person

The takeaway? It’s scary, but also exciting!

“I mean it’s scary as hell at first… and I kind of “fake” the confidence I need to be able to do it (because In my head I’m like… ohhh fuck this is scary) but those scary feelings are soon overtaken by excited feelings, and it’s done wonders for my self esteem too.” -AtheniaAurora

Even the “relationship” apps aren’t working for people

After several commenters recommended another, supposedly more relationship-friendly app, people started to share their experiences. It often sounded like this:

“I got nowhere with Hinge, unfortunately. I tried it out for a couple weeks. There were maybe 2 dozen women’s profiles that it just kept cycling through.” -DoubleTap57

If you still can’t decide between a dating service or a dating app, read this comment:

“You can’t tell everything about a person via texting, and I prefer to meet in person pretty quickly after establishing we’re both interested, and either pursue it or determine we aren’t compatible.”-noprideinsomniac85

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