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If you don’t feel butterflies on the first date, does that mean the relationship will fail? Not at all!

We found some great advice on the varied forms that chemistry can take, especially early on…

How should first dates feel?

First, one reader worried when they did not experience butterflies toward the beginning of the relationship. They still had a good feeling. Months later, the couple stayed together. The date created a friendship with all the intimacy of a relationship.

Here’s what the Reddit reader said:

“If you’ve got a good thing going and it’s not fitting society or the media’s view of love and romance but you like where you all are headed, do what makes you happy.” -andaonetwothreefour

Calm can be better than butterflies!

Some people love having a calm and peaceful first date.

“People often think the person they’re meant to be with should give them butterflies and make them feel emotions all the time but the right person is the one who brings you calmness and inner peace” -ShockedPikachu123

An awkward date can still make a good relationship.

“Our first date was kinda boring. She gave me just enough info to figure out that she can’t be that boring of a person and I attributed it to shyness. And I was right. We started having fun after the third date and it took me 3 months to feel the butterflies.” -SoManyTimesBefore

Choose a great location to ease your fears.

If you live in Toronto or Metro DC, explore these great experiences and places to test your chemistry!

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