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Can you remember the first date you ever went on? In the age of online dating, some people aren’t having these experiences until later in life. This Redditor, LawnmowerDog16 went on their first date ever at age 19 and decided to share with the community about it. This little anecdote will help brighten up your day.

I started with nerves…

Here’s how the story starts:

“I just went on my first date, it was so much fun (after getting over the nervousness of it all), and I’m just really buzzing. But I don’t have anyone to tell, so I figured I’d tell Reddit.

I was super nervous at the start though, so I was shaking a bit and I was kinda quiet to an extent. But, we ended up having a bit of a laugh and since we’d be talking for some time we could make shitty jokes about stuff we’d already said. And I’m going out again with him on Sunday, which I’m hyped for now.”

The date was mostly just walking and talking, keeping it simple…

We kinda wondered around aimlessly in the city and got lunch in subway and went to a few video game stores (we’re both games design students, so it makes sense).

This is her first time with someone in person

I’ve never been in a relationship (unless you count long distance, then I’ve been in 2), and since I’m [about] as subtle as Nicolas Cage, we’re taking things slow, which is really nice.

There’s a second date in the works

“Yeah, we’re going out on Sunday to see a film (John Wick or Detective Pikachu, I can’t decide), but I’m really hyped for it!”