Photo by Donna Lay/Unsplash Toronto Is Filled With Great Date Experiences image

The experience you share on a date is essential. If you don’t have a great experience, then there isn’t much spark to build a relationship.

On Reddit, readers have been collecting places that will have you and your date reminiscing about your shared adventures for a long time.

  1. Toronto Island

Experiencing Toronto Island is thrilling for many reasons. First, you get to ride a ferry. It’s relaxing to be out on the water! Second, you get a beautiful view of the Toronto skyline that will just take your breath away.

  1. Toronto Zoo

Have you ever seen a monkey in real life? How about a lynx? Or a polar bear? Going to the Toronto Zoo is an experience like no other. It’s exciting to see, observe and learn about all kinds of animals. For animal lovers, this is a thrilling experience that makes you feel like you’ve traveled around the world to see these special animals.

  1. Art Gallery of Ontario

The AGO is the perfect spot for just about anyone, especially art lovers. You can choose to see limited edition galleries or permanent exhibitions, either way, you’ll be amazed by what you see. It’s an educational experience and the building itself is so ethereal you’ll feel at ease, even if you’re nervous about your date.

  1. Roy Thomson Hall

Home to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, taking advantage of the cities talent will leave you breathless. Catching a show, whether that be listening to the sounds of Mozart or seeing a broadway show, it’s entertainment that you will be talking about for a long time. The sense of culture and bliss you experience will leave you wanting more.