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First date conversation is always tricky, but you can learn a lot from the nearly 600 people who shared advice for creating great conversation

First dates are a nerve-wracking proposition, and trying to create a mental game plan for what to talk about has drawbacks of its own.

Unfortunately, there is no secret list of perfect topics. The best first date conversations depend on the things you love and the things your date loves. Questions like “What do you love to do?” “Do you have a favorite movie” or “Where do you go on vacation?” will help you discover the other person’s passions.

Here’s some of the best advice from the thread:

Great conversation depends on your passions.

One reader had a whole multi-date strategy mapped out. Here’s what they said about conversations:

“Conversation-wise, talk about things that get you excited so that they see you are passionate about things, and same thing with her/him. See what the other person is passionate about. Build the conversation off of those passions because that will get people talking. And LISTEN. Don’t interrupt. If you start to talk over the other person, say ‘I’m sorry, go ahead.’”

Ask lots of questions on a first date.

Another user suggested a strategy that’s elegant in its simplicity:

“Just ask the other person a bunch of questions. People love to talk about themselves.” -FreakyOrca

But don’t ask too many questions!

However, one user replied with an important caveat. You don’t want the date to turn into an interview:

“Agree, but don’t go rapid fire with the questions. Ask a question then follow it up. And listen to the answer.” -WhoriaEstafan

Be an active listener in first date conversations

After that, user had some insight into how to make your conversation flow:

“Prove that you’re an active listener by relating to what they said. Ask a relevant question – continue the topic in a way that digs deeper. That continues the conversation, shows interest, and is usually how you learn something genuine and interesting.” -ValueBasedPugs

So that’s it! Rather than memorizing topics, think of questions you can ask based on what you know about the person already, and be an active listener!