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You never know when love is around the corner. There’s lots of great love stories in a big city like Toronto!

The diversity, culture, and nightlife are all factors that make Toronto a romantic place. No matter what district you are in, you’re bound to find love. Here are some reassuring, real life stories of how Reddit readers found love in Toronto.

Sometimes your true love is right in front of you. Spending plenty of time together means getting to know each other quickly. Making a connection is the key to long lasting relationships, no matter where you meet.

Small Town, Big City!

we grew up together in east Scarborough, went to elementary school together, lost touch for 20 years, reconnected through Facebook a few years after he got back from Afghanistan, met for a drink on King East, went back to my apartment. Together for (almost exactly) 6 years now; married for 3. A small town story in a great big city!”

Finding Love at Work!

“He came into my place of work with a group of friends. I served him. We hit if off. Been together 4 years now.”

Memories of Concerts Past

“Met at a concert at the Kool Haus 6 years ago!”

Love on the Slopes!

“We started a week apart at Swiss Chalet on Yonge. Got married 8 years later, to the day.”

CN Tower Love!

“Worked at the CN Tower where I met my girlfriend, future wife, who also worked there.”