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Have you been on a date that started out as a disaster but then turned into something awesome? Or maybe just one where strange and off-putting things kept happening that you later bonded over?

On Reddit, people shared stories of salvaging a date from the brink of disaster. Learn how to save your date with these excellent examples.

Turn an awkward moment into a joke!

“My general rule of thumb if it is awkward and unimportant, make fun of it to turn it into something hilarious.”

But be careful when your joke backfires.

“I shared this joke [my grandfather] once told me about a specific town in the region. He used to say that the cows from that town were prettier than the women. I laughed and looked at [my date] and she looked irritated. I asked what was wrong and she said ‘I’m from [that town]’ …. So after a few awkward seconds of absolute silence, which seemed like an eternity, I said ‘well, they must have the best damn looking cows in the world.’ Against all my expectations she laughed and we had a lovely date.”

Change your POV

Sometimes people feel more comfortable on the phone. One reader turned a bad date around by walking a few feet away and calling their date on the phone. After a brief phone conversation, the date got back on track.

What to do when you literally get stuck.

When one couple got stuck in the mud, they skipped the whole tow truck drama. “instead of getting all angry about it and trying to contact a tow company, I just laughed about it, left the car there and we walked home. It was such a nice walk and an even better talk. Got home, had tea and some cozy time.”

Change the subject to rabbits!

No matter what kind of problem you face during a date, try talking about this reader’s favorite new subject: “Rule of the thumb, bunnies is an excellent topic changer.”

If you arrive at your date prepared and confident then conversation will flow effortlessly.

If you want to keep it light, you can stick to general topics such as hobbies, music, and books. If you want to dive a little deeper, talking about your goals and aspirations is also a great way to make a connection.