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When you’re going on a first date, it’s normal to feel nervous. Whether you’re trying to calm yourself down or hype yourself up, music can set the mood.

The folks at Bustle put together a set of playlists for your next date:

“Are you recently single? Have you been single forever? Is your heart still broken? Are you so stoked for this date than you can’t catch your cool? Are you dreading it? Are you a little too indifferent? There are so many different headspaces that we approach first dates with, so it’s important to find the right playlist for you.”

Boost your mood with these playlists!

Do you need to chill out?

Anxiety can make you doubt yourself. This mix is designed to help you cool down, relax, and get in your element. 

Looking for more energy?

Sometimes you feel like staying in bed. That low energy feeling can ruin your date. If you need a boost, jam out to this playlist!

Want to feel sexy?

Finally, this amazing collection will calm your nerves and give you an extra dose of sexiness for your next date. Enjoy the confidence boost!

Different dates require different songs. Therefore, music that make you feel best before a date. Once you find a playlist, keep it on repeat!