Photo by Timo Stern/Unsplash Love Is For Everyone: You Are Worth It! image

No matter what stage you are in your life, you deserve love.

Many people believe they may never find it, or they’ll find it once they get that promotion or new car. In reality, love is out there and it is waiting for you! It’s just a matter of how you find it.

Feeling as if you are not worthy can actually put a lot of strain on potential relationships and sabotage something special. It can be difficult to feel worthy of love especially if you haven’t had much romantic luck. However, that is just a sign that those people were not truly meant for you.

Love is all about making a connection. To make that connection means to be vulnerable to someone else. Emotionally opening up more and building long-lasting relationships requires you to get comfortable with yourself and to start believing you are worthy.

One Reddit reader earned hundreds of comments by reminding us that you are worth it!

“You are worth it. Be with someone who recognizes that much to be true. If someone treats you like you are insignificant, it is a reflection of them. It is not a reflection of your worth as a person.”