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You never know when love is around the corner. There are lots of great love stories in Metro DC!

We collected some reassuring, real-life stories of how readers found love in Washington DC.

Sometimes your true love is right in front of you. Spending plenty of time together means getting to know each other quickly. Making a connection is the key to long-lasting relationships, no matter where you meet.

Romantic Stroll Through Old Town

First of all, nothing’s better than a casual walk. “In the fall/spring/summer Old Town Alexandria is really nice. After dinner you can walk down to the waterfront and walk along the river through a bunch of parks.”

Ice Skating in the National Gallery Sculpture Garden

Then there’s always a romantic skate. Every winter, the National Gallery Sculpture Garden fountain becomes a skating rink. One reader writes: “It’s picturesque, with string lights up and the Archives in the background. The cafe had mulled wine last year, which is nice for warming up after you skate.”

Take a late night stroll among the monuments

However, in the summer, a walk might be better: “Bought red wine and some dark chocolate and walked to the Washington Monument around 11 pm…”

Join a cooking class at Sur La Table

Then you can try a class. One married couple made this special date night a habit: “Wife and I have done a few over the years (while we were still dating) and we have always enjoyed them. They have couples nights and you can look at what the cooking menu will be in advance and book accordingly.”

Explore the National Arboretum

“My now-boyfriend took me to the National Arboretum, which I didn’t know existed at the time. Insta-smitten.”