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Online dating has completely changed the way we interact with other people.

Here at Heartts, we create in-person connections with people looking for honest, committed relationships, setting a baseline of trust from the very first meeting in a safe and confidential environment. We know what makes offline dating special!

Recently, online daters began debating a serious question: Is online dating dehumanizing?

We collected a few of their discussions below, highlighting the different ways online dating has changed our relationships.

Face-To-Face Interaction Will Never Be Replaced

“Those random moments interacting with strangers are good for us. They keep us from dismissing others by reminding us people are deeper than the surface. I feel like that is lost through OLD where everyone is judged whether they are worthy or not, everyone is weighed by a handful of photos and witty comments, and then can be dropped in an instant without so much as a goodbye if they fail to be entertaining or interesting enough upon command.”

Fast-Food Dating Never Works!

“The general dating pools have switched to relying on algorithms which, ultimately, are in place to generate revenue for these companies. It’s only allowed people to dig their heels in even further with this single serving, fast-food style, ADHD social media-driven society. Can a person really be summed up in a handful of pictures and an elevator pitch that can fit in a tweet?”

We Stop Seeing People As People

“The response to my match attempts is pretty low so far, so I don’t ever expect to get a date. In fact, my results are so low that I haven’t bothered to look at them more than twice in the last month. When I open the app I see the list of suggested pictures as if a shelf of goods at the store. I swipe up a wish list like I’m registering for a birthday, then sit and wait while no one shows (like my birthday).”