Photo by Kira auf der Heide/Unsplash The Dos and Don’ts of Gifting on a Date image

Times have changed, so first date gifts don’t matter as much anymore. Still, one Reddit reader wanted to know what to bring after she asked a man on a date.

She got lots of great suggestions for gifting in the age of online dating.

DO bring something homemade:

“My last girlfriend made me a home made dessert and it really choked me up at how thoughtful she was.” -blacktide777

DON’T worry too much about coming up with a gift, even if you think you need one:

“[Bring] yourself ! that’s enough for a guy :)” -mchlhrz

DO consider bringing flowers, even if it’s for a man:

“Lots of guys like flowers too! My ex lost his mind whenever I showed up with flowers. Depends on the guy tho.” -sunflower_leo

“flowers is okay. Continue breaking down gender roles.” -Ad_hale2021

DO reference an inside joke, like the poster of the thread ended up doing:

“I always tell him how good he looks in a suit and I found a candle called “suit and tie”. It’s perfect” -Minytrini

Now that you know what to do with dating and gifts, learn more about great first date conversation skills!