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Tired of doing the same old things on your dates? Seems like we could all use fresh and fun ideas.

One man on the DC dating scene asked for help finding “not as well known or really cool or uniquely DC things” to do on a date in Metro DC.

Because of that simple question, readers responded with an avalanche of ideas. We rounded up some of our favorites.

What would you add to this epic list?

DC Roller Girls

First of all, go watch the roller skate races! “The DC Rollergirls (DCRG) is a registered not for profit organization designed to promote athleticism, diversity and roller derby by becoming involved in the community and fostering self-worth, personal strength and female empowerment.”

Flying Trapeze Classes

After that, live the circus dream. “Experience the joy of flying through the air with the greatest of ease! Our flying trapeze classes let students safely experience the exhilaration of this extraordinary circus art, regardless of fitness level or athletic background.”

Laughter Hour

After that, take some time to laugh together! “Laughter Hour is a unique, interactive group exercise which combines laughter, deep breathing and lots of fun. Discover how to laugh more, to manage stress or just learn how to train yourself to laugh like a kid again. Bring joy back into your life with laughter exercises!”

Dupont Underground

Finally, discover the next generation of artists and performers. “Dupont Underground is non-profit a community arts organization run almost entirely by volunteers. Our goal is to be committed to developing a multidisciplinary platform for creative expression. We strive to reflect the diversity of our community – both artists and audiences. We endeavor to host projects and work that might not be an easy fit in more conventional venues.

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