Photo by Kyaw Tun/Unsplash What’s It Really Like To Date in Metro DC? image

People love to generalize about Metro DC dating. To get to the heart of the matter, you need to find people who are actually dating.

On Reddit, a group of DC dating folks shared observations and tips for navigating the Metro DC dating scene. We rounded up our favorites. Enjoy a quick portrait of this amazing and challenging scene.

Looking for great conversation & efficiency

First, everybody wants efficiency. “I’ve never lacked in quality conversation on dates. Things like what you do for work and politics tend to dominate first date conversations in a very DC way. I think both men and women treat the dating and getting to know someone process as something that needs to be efficient.”

Intelligence + Fun = A Great Dating Scene

Secondly, you can have a lot of fun. “I’ve only been single for a couple months but it’s been far better than I was told it would be. I’ve also gone on dates with intelligent men who were really fun.”

Too many people treat dating like a job

However, some people forget the fun part. “Many young people are career oriented that they keep hold off for someone better, like how people are constantly switching jobs.”

Your friends’ dating drama is better than anything on Netflix!

Finally, even if you aren’t dating, it can be fun. “Moved here married but watching our single friends date is more entertaining than anything on TV!”