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The problem with dating apps is that we think it is the only way to find love. That’s completely false!

More than 1,000 people just admitted that they stopped online dating. Recently, one Reddit reader confessed that they had stopped online dating. Hundreds of readers chimed in with the reasons they quit using digital services.

Dating apps take too much time.

“For me the apps are a massive time suck with so few successes. I meet way more women just by forcing myself to be more confident and social at in-person settings.” -Hunter9002

Are we addicted to dating apps & hookup culture?

“Have had really no luck with online dating myself, so I’ve backed off it for a while. There’s too many people looking for hook ups/sex and not much else unfortunately.” -Iradelle

It’s okay to be single.

“I’m single, though I don’t know if I am open to the possibility of dating. I am super satisfied being single tbh. No in-laws, no self-esteem issues, no children I have to take in account. It’s just super chill imo.” -IAmHappierNow

Some people just want something more organic.

“Single and not using online dating bc it’s overwhelming. Much happier being alone and would rather find a real connection in person.” -kspkspksp

Dating apps only help some people.

“Have been single for the last 4 months (after a 4 year relationship) I’ve been on dates with 3 girls in the last few months, all of them I met in person. I’m saying that I’ve been on more dates than tinder or bumble would have ever gotten me. My friend is the complete opposite of me, and only gets dates through the apps. I’ve never seen a person succeed in both” -melkios5

There are lots of great in real life alternatives to dating apps.

We collected some great advice for dating in IRL.