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Writing a letter to your future partner is a therapeutic exercise.

In her memoir, I Just Haven’t Met You Yet: Finding Empowerment in Dating, Love, and Life, author Tracy Strauss pens an open love letter to her future life partner. In this letter, she shares her desire to break free of destructive relationships and conquer her fear of vulnerability.

This activity is more for you than your future partner.

It helps you bare your feelings and expectations without judgment and allows you to analyze what may be blocking you from finding a healthy relationship. There are many ways to go about writing letters to your future partner. First, it’s all about perspective.

Dating is about sharing experiences with someone, but that feeling isn’t put on hold when you’re single!

If there are adventures or just everyday life occurrences you want to share with a life partner, then writing a letter to them can be a release. It makes the process of dating a lot easier because, one day, when you find someone, they will appreciate the effort and it will make them feel special.

Strauss discovered that she was expecting to find her partner in a rom-com type of scenario. These types of expectations can act as walls that block potential opportunities to meet someone in any given way.

Writing a letter to your future partner can always help you realize what you want in a significant other. Knowing what you want is essential to building long-lasting relationships.